Monday, March 29, 2010

nobody knows me.

nobody wants to know me.

nobody wants to give in effort to know me.

everybody just assume they know me,

but that what they think only,

they actually just see me on the outside,

but they never understand what is i the inside.

Monday, March 22, 2010


holiday is no holiday!!!
sob sob sob!!!

lets talk bout college life...
well, ppl i meet thr aren't bad i guess...
thr is 29 ppl i my P3 class, and oni 7 guy!!!
1 kinda weird, 1 writting super tiny, 1 speak damn soft,
1 thinks hia an angel, 1 have big nose, 1 smoke but is trying to cut down
and 1 i dun really know yet!!!

the girls!!
me, super awesome(*cough cough*):P
anna, qian da, karren, hou yi aka commander, long irene,
cutie kim, lame mei yih and funny alicia!!!
the middle table(noisy)
laugh at annabel, darling shiela, jullian sweet heart,
evil rachel tan ang another rachel goh, boobies fiona keke,
and class wrap deetraa(pretty)
third table,
jing yi dai ka jie, annoying and most complains karyee,
jiggly li theng, miss li yung and phang phang de mei kuan!!!

yup all my class mates,
dun think i missed out any!!!hope not!!
guy im close with in the class,
angus dai ko, big bully too, always tease me..
jeremy the devil but smartie pants...
justin with the squicky voice and talks super fast..
kay who dunno how to play chor dai di!!!

overall i'll say my class is not bad, kinda fun!!!
and you know wat!!!
my maths teacher used a sign diagram too find out who is lazy and hard working in class'_'"
screw all thise assignments man!!!
and in at the forth floor!!!
walking up and down everyday is a damn"good" exercise!!!

i think tat's bout all of my class!!!
till next time!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


after more interaction with college ppl
i feel tat college life isn't tat bad!!
but is kinda tired!!
i met new frenz n made some good frens in college!!!
but most of all, i met someone!!!
(dun get the wrong idea)
although he is a guy,
and i just know him recently!!!
but somehow, i think he is a good guy!!
but does tat mean i forget the old one???
im not sure too!!!
i guess things like tat would not be forgotten so easily...
it will just be burried deep inside till somebody really has the power to earase it!!!
so i guess its the same for me!!