Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Things and Ppl i love~

I love most of all,
well its me!!! (hehehe)
i love teddy bear,
i love my family,
i love my chou stiky ko!!!
i love my krs seniors,
i love my darlings & honeys,
i love my tam tam,
fish fish, liv pig,
i love chocolate,
love sleeping,
love you and me,
love peace,
love happiness
love my current class mates,
Alicia, joanna, qian2, jin li, long2 &....
love making fun of kuvanesh & angus,
love my 5P3,
love 6H,
love my doggie,
love my granma,
love my house,
love my "alive" toys,
love my accessories,
love my cloths but still want more,
love my toilet,
love camping,
love playing,
love hearing musics
love dancing
love cooking,
love being "38" at times,
love to smile at some random ppl and they smile back to me,
love talking alot,
love playing,
love eating,
love my private time
love drawing,
love painting,
love just doing nothing
love looking at the stary nite,
love to be in my fairy tale,
love to wacth disney princess cartoons
love watching anime,
love to eat sioa long pao & din sum,
love doing mask,
love to see and learn how ppl cut hair,
and love i oso duno still got what anymore!!!
i love to be me!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

what am I??

how much i like you???
i get jealous of every girl you talk to...
i will do anything as long i can do it for you..
just a msg makes me happy the entire day..
one call may last me for 2 days..
one outing wit only you,
will make me happy for a week although nothing much happen

i know you know i like you,
but why do you always wanna break my heart??
aren't I good enough for you??
ok, i may not be the best,
but stop torturing me like that..

you know what, im really tired of you treating me like that,
i shall just forget bout this silly feelings,
stop sweet talking me if you dun have feeling for me,
you're such a bastard!!
using me as you know that i would help you!!!
how could you treat me like that..

you know what,
i wont blame it all on you,
its partly my fault too for believing in ur sweet lies,
i'll never be that dumb again..
and my trust towards all guys just drop 50% thanks to you!!!

i like it on you...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

where is my prince charming???
why cant you be in the list of the ppl who like me???
i've been in ur list long long ago,
dun you notice me???
im hell tired staying like this!!!
if you dun like me, stop doing little things to give me hope!!!
if you like me, can you at least say it or hint it??
wat is ur problem man..
be a man!!!
face me like a man!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

fun fun fun!!!

today went 1u= pok kai
go there find parking like crazy oni!!!
wat to do, its labours day..

we went makan sushi(money gone)
but it was pretty fun,
so long dint eat so much sushi d!!(yum yum)
eat eat eat,
munch munch munch!!
saw some funny and weird thing thr too...

ok, so after eating,
talk and chat with liv, su yi and tam..
haha, all the funny things!!! love love...
then pay bill and ciaoz,
exercise after eat, hang kai kai!!

buy movie tickets,
we went snatch ppl booking tickets...
kekekeke(evil laugh)

movie waas not bad!!!
iron man so hot!!!
and scarlet oso very sexy,
ok ok, must diet d...
after all the calories today!!
my target,
scarlet san choi!!!
hope i can do it, but i think sure fail de!!!

overall had a really fun outing with those bunch of cute retards!!!