Saturday, May 1, 2010

fun fun fun!!!

today went 1u= pok kai
go there find parking like crazy oni!!!
wat to do, its labours day..

we went makan sushi(money gone)
but it was pretty fun,
so long dint eat so much sushi d!!(yum yum)
eat eat eat,
munch munch munch!!
saw some funny and weird thing thr too...

ok, so after eating,
talk and chat with liv, su yi and tam..
haha, all the funny things!!! love love...
then pay bill and ciaoz,
exercise after eat, hang kai kai!!

buy movie tickets,
we went snatch ppl booking tickets...
kekekeke(evil laugh)

movie waas not bad!!!
iron man so hot!!!
and scarlet oso very sexy,
ok ok, must diet d...
after all the calories today!!
my target,
scarlet san choi!!!
hope i can do it, but i think sure fail de!!!

overall had a really fun outing with those bunch of cute retards!!!

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