Saturday, May 8, 2010

what am I??

how much i like you???
i get jealous of every girl you talk to...
i will do anything as long i can do it for you..
just a msg makes me happy the entire day..
one call may last me for 2 days..
one outing wit only you,
will make me happy for a week although nothing much happen

i know you know i like you,
but why do you always wanna break my heart??
aren't I good enough for you??
ok, i may not be the best,
but stop torturing me like that..

you know what, im really tired of you treating me like that,
i shall just forget bout this silly feelings,
stop sweet talking me if you dun have feeling for me,
you're such a bastard!!
using me as you know that i would help you!!!
how could you treat me like that..

you know what,
i wont blame it all on you,
its partly my fault too for believing in ur sweet lies,
i'll never be that dumb again..
and my trust towards all guys just drop 50% thanks to you!!!

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