Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dont you know???

why dont you get the message!!!
or is it you dont want to get it???

outing with you 2

you look perfect to me,
as you always do.
this is the first time we went out,
enjoyed it,
though we talk bout mostly super random stuff.

glad you are using the chain i gave you,
i will use mine too,
i wonder ...
arghhh nvm...

thanks for beanja me makan sai mai lou,
it was really really sweet!!!
love it!!!
take care my dear,
see you soon!!!

outing with you...

happy you came find me today
although it was really short while,
but there will still be plenty of chances!!!

i know we dun have much topic to talk bout,
and i dun really encourage you to join those things,
but if you wanna continue doin it,
i just hope you will be very carefull.

i duno why i cant tell you how bad i fell bout those things,
actually i know why i cant,
but i just cant put it in words.
but just remember,
if anything happens you can always rely on me,
your fren,
and i know i can too...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010




should be a good begining.

although i dun hope much,

but im still very very excited!!!

im flying in the air now!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second Sweet Dream!!

yesterday after the long long party,
was so tired then slept immediately after i lay on my bed.

i only remember 2parts of my dream.
well, one was with peatree in it,
she had a new touch screen phone!!
haha(so she wish, kekeke)..

the other was me and a guy walking back home.
on the way back to my hse,
thr were this beautiful trees along the path way.
then we were walking and playing on the way.

while playing, suddenly thr were fire works in the sky,
those fire works were not those normal fire works,
it was very special fire works,
hard to describe how it looks like.
then we were standin,
my back faced him, and his arms was around my waist.
it was so warm and cuddly.
felt so protected, happy and "xin fu"...

Friday, April 23, 2010


love my daddy,
was talking to hi just now!!!
although his kinna "chiong hei"
but the way he looks at things are so great man!!!
is like alien looking into earth!! hahaha...

he told me confidence is just like a switch!!!
if you choose to turn it on, its on.
but if u do not on it, its off.

he also told me that those pass shadow must be overcome,
and i will be a better person too.

i told me so much tat i can write it all out!!!
in conclusion,
my dad is awesome!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010



Only now i know the truth...
how could you decide for me at that time!!!
how would you know what's best for me??
you dint even ask me...
and all you gave me was some lame answer,
which i was so STUPID to believe it...

if i knew that this was your reason,
i would not let go, i would try to hold on to it..
i would not have gave up on it so easily..

do you know it hurts no matter what...
that was just an excuse for your self to make you feel better...

but all that is said now its too late,
time will not turn back till that day again,
it was hard for me that time,
but now, im over it aldi,
so i just want you to know,
whether you see this or not, i dun blame you!!!
we were both young dumb and naive,
so dun feel guilty anymore, because i forgive you..

although it was really short,
but till now i still remember every small detail of those days.
the first sweet you gave me was mentos sour grape flavour!!!
so thank you too,
for helping me grow up!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010