Friday, September 10, 2010


I wil not be the like the real little mermaid,
who waited for the person she love and turn into bubbles.
Neither would i be the fairy tale mermaid,
Ariel who get to live happy ever after with prince Eric.
i dont think me and you will have a happy ever after,
and i can wait for you so long...
I shall move on.
I know you are aware of how i feel,
since no action was taken,
this proves how much I mean to you
if you really did feel for me..
So i guess its done then,
time to move on.
No point waiting for someone,
and sacrificing for you anymore..
you've proven how much i am to you,
so good bye,
from now,
We're just FREINDS..
im gonna be ME, not your MAID...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tired, hungry & satisfy

today went sunway chiong k wit 2 so po,
see yuen & kit ying..
finally getta chiong k, but then still not enough...
going after trials again =)
then walk walk awhile, go back home...
find my way back home from sunway...
its wasn't that hard..
(hehehe, finally know how to go home =) )
but it deosn't end yet,
continue the crazyness in me at TCM..
when and watch 2 movies back to back without eating dinner...
to make things more extreme, i dint even have LUNCH...
suprisingly im still standing,
watched step up 3, they kinna rock...
although i dont plan to do hip hop,
but the way they move its just ******,
when only i can be like tat?? (10 yrs)

then got free tickets for resident evil....
wow, the security was like****
first they took all our phone and cam,
then they got that thingi to check for metal on our body...
like we're going to some huge functions VIP in it....
but it was just a movie at Tropicana City Mall.....
finally got home now and can eat some thing...
i only ate 6 bananas 1 cup pf tea,loh hon guo & cereal for the entire day...
hehe =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can you tell the difference between them?
What is fake to you may be real to others,
but what is real to you may be fake to others.
so do you really know what is fake and what is real????

Sometimes the fake just seems so real,
or you wish it was real, so it became real to you.
Other times you wish the real was fake,
you lie to ur self making you believe it is fake.

so do you really know again wha is fake and real???
Because the fake may seem so real, and the real may seem so fake