Friday, September 10, 2010


I wil not be the like the real little mermaid,
who waited for the person she love and turn into bubbles.
Neither would i be the fairy tale mermaid,
Ariel who get to live happy ever after with prince Eric.
i dont think me and you will have a happy ever after,
and i can wait for you so long...
I shall move on.
I know you are aware of how i feel,
since no action was taken,
this proves how much I mean to you
if you really did feel for me..
So i guess its done then,
time to move on.
No point waiting for someone,
and sacrificing for you anymore..
you've proven how much i am to you,
so good bye,
from now,
We're just FREINDS..
im gonna be ME, not your MAID...

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