Sunday, May 27, 2012


I know im giving you alot of pressure, that is because i dun want it to fail......

I cant afford it, you to fail me....

Not that i dun wanna help you out, is i dun have the ability yet to help you.....
the most i can do is just remind you, give you encouragement in every way possible i know of..

maybe it doesn't appeal to you, but you dun expect me to spell it out to you right???
if you cant feel it, is ok, because im just doing some little things that i can do in my way to help you.... 
you know i will not let you face it alone..
im always there nagging and reminding and trying my best to provide you support in ways i know....
i hope you understand.... I want you to be happy......

I'm sorry if i made you felt lonely in facing it alone, i will try and do better next time....
but i hope you also understand under limited resources, this is all that i can do for now....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

F*** YOU!!!!!!

letting out my anger here, cant open face book!!!!!
also letting you girls know how to handle if you meet this kinna if you are alone and u accidently hit a car....

That day i was driving to go get stuffs from a shop, there were alot of cars when i wanna cut out into the next lane, there was a SATRIA NEO BLACK!!! in front of me, i saw then moving, so i release break slowly, my auto car moved abit, then i dint notice the car breaked infront of me, because cars were cutting in, and i was looking at the other side to cut out.. like maybe 6 seconds, my car jerk abit...

at first i tot i hit the curb of the road, then i saw the hand from SATRIA asking me to move to the side, then i know i accidently hit it...

i tot should be nothing much, cause i just let go brake oni, i went down n look at the car, dint even bother bout my own car...

couldn't see it the first time, the owner Malay Lady had to point it to me... so then i saw it, it was a scratch, around 5cm long, as thin as a needle.. so i told her i am very sorry, i ask her how she wanna settle???

she told me her car duno what tranquility black shit, the color very rare, send to the workshop, need freaking paint the entire bumper....i say need mer?? and the bf started scolding me, she wanted charge me RM200 and her BF was scolding me bad words, i ignore.. i told her i am very sorry, all i have it RM50 in my wallet, i can give you.

she dint want, then she ask for my hp and IC (wanna take a picture of my IC). say she will call me and ask me pay next time. and our conversation went on like this, filled with violence from her BF.

me : sry miss, I dont think i can let you have a picture of my IC, as it contain personal information

her BF : FUCK YOU!!! what the hell personal information, YOU WANT ME TO PUNCH YOUR FACE INTO THE ROAD???  tell me what stupid personal information.

ME : sry i really cannot give you my IC, you can have my driving licence if you want, but not IC...


me: sry can we sit find somewhere to continue our conversation, cause i need to get some stuff urgently

lady: no im rush to go XXX ( i forgot, but is somewhere near Seremban)

me: whr is that????

her BF : FUCK YOU, are you local ah.

me: i oni travel within this area, so i duno whr is it.

lady : whr you stay


lady : i know the house prices there, dun tell me you no money!!! ( i was thinking money oso not mine, and so what, im not selling my house)

ME : hold on can i call my fren.....

her BF: call as many fren you like stupid..

after i called my fren.

i told the lady: i really dun have money, the most i can give you is RM50 that is all i got in my wallet...

her BF: FUCK YOU la, u langgar orang kereta then wanna pay RM50 and run...

he kept scolding my, saying FUCK YOU, say wanna punch my face into the road, and i was alone at 8.50p.m. i was so scared..

then my fren came, my fren offer to ask somebody to help them cover the scratch beautifully and cost around RM100 most, she dun want, insisting i need pay her RM200 for the 5CM LONG THIN SCRATCH... my fren told me go police station, but i dint want, cus i duno go police what will happen...

later i told the lady can you ask your bf to step aside, i cannot communicate with him around and im trying to solve this...

i told the lady, im really very sorry, i know you love your car, but i really dun have money, all i have is RM50, and your bf is threatening me. so please, im just a student... can you just accept RM50 and we settle this. she say NO, at least RM150..... my fren told me go police station, cuz she dun wanna settle it, mt fren oso told her, go police station, the most is pay saman oni, and she oso cannot claim insurance on such a small matter, that's why she oso dint wanna go police station, the malay lady said: "kenapa you mahu bayar sama kat police???"

then her bf came back with a rock in his hand, he said : you langgar orand kereta, tak mahu bayar, you mahu say lempar batu ni at your car???

my fren: you mahu u lempar la.. then we solve this....

but the Malay bf dint throw, instead he said: you mahu this rock in your face isit??

the 2 guys were at the edge of fighting, and i was crying, i was really scared already, that guy had a rock in his hand. i told my fren, I PAY HER RM50, you get into my car now, later i come in you drive away ok... go.....

so I GAVE RM50 told the Malay lady, " here, this is all i have, take it, your BF is threatening me, im already very scared, i dun think i can talk to you anymore.." i walk to my car like one car distance away, get into it, and my fren started driving. the Malay guy shouted, BODOH ORANG CINA LANGGAR MAHU LARI!!

3 seconds later i got onto the car, i heard a loud noise from my car, the Malay guy took the rock in his hand which was half the size of my head and THROW IT TOWARDS MY CAR...

my fren was pissed and nearly fight...luckily 4 arab man came down and stopped the them both.

now after so many days, i am over it, suddenly got a police letter came to my house, asking me go police station on Sunday because the SATRIA NEO owner reported to police,

I'm like what the hell man, i paid you, and you throw rock at my car, you somemore dare go report police, fine, if you really wanna charge me, im gonna charge you back for assaulting me, threatening my safety, and throwing rock towards me... lets see what the police will do....

girls, if you ever hit a car, and you are alone, please beware of this kinna ppl.....

if you see a black satria neo with a short fat man and short fat lady with lots of holes on her face, dun go near then, they just want your money....BEST IS GO POLICE STATION !!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011









Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes after quarrels only you realize how much a person worth in your heart.
But usually after quarrels, there will be a shadow within both of you..

Even though you may realize he/she is important, but its hard to go back to how it begin, no matter how hard you try.
Everything was still so perfect and all you see in each other was how much they loved you, and how much you love them. you could care less about your surroundings.

You may wonder with all the flaws u see in your other half, is it worth holding on?
Yet, you still wont let go because you remember how he/she once embrace you..

You might feel that is tough sometimes, to hard to hold on, why dun u just let it go, anyway there might be tons of better ones out there.
Yet again, u recall how he/she notice something that you yourself do not even bother off caring and felt so warm deep inside.

Now, when things get really hard between both of you, and it seems like the only solution is giving up on each other. can you let go??
You try real hard erasing the images in your memories. Yet the harder you try you rub it away, the harder you will cry.. it feels worse than the end of the world..Its so pain that even how loud you scream its still never loud enough, as though even the stars are still shining so bright, but all you see is nothing in front of you..

Hold on to things you treasure. Do not let your fears and reality take you down so easily.
you must have

Saturday, April 9, 2011


i know you care,
i know you are curious,
i know you wanna know,
but i dun wanna tell you..
and i know you probably wont AGREE,
you are smart, SO WHAT,
you aren't me..
as i said, when the time its right,
you no need ask, i'll tell it to you....
i know whr im going, n what im doing...

Monday, February 28, 2011


cant sleep tonite....
having headache....
its coming back again....
and i just started my new life....
but its not oni bcuz of studies,
thr are so many more things keeping me up at this hr...
i duno why, i just cant seem to stay calm,
wat if she's late??
although she's been late few times...
wat if she deosn't come??
wat am i suppose to do?????
freak out or stay calm....?
cant sleep, pain pain, head pain..
maybe im just overdoing it,
why am i always thinking so much,
thinking bout anything n every possibilities...
i hate it!!!
can it just stop for awhile,
give me some peace...!!!!
i freaking need some peace...
SOMEONE , ANYONE, GIVE ME SOME PEACE....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


i shall leave with happy memories,
and a smile to say i'll be alright.
i wont deny although it has only been such a short while,
it still hurt abit inside.
but even it does, i still believe i did it rite,
i dont wanna break others heart just to keep mine.
thanks for what u once gave me,
leaving wit a hug was the last thing i could only offer you.
i hope you see beauty in her and find each other importance within one another.
now i shall leave silently and go back to my world.