Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes after quarrels only you realize how much a person worth in your heart.
But usually after quarrels, there will be a shadow within both of you..

Even though you may realize he/she is important, but its hard to go back to how it begin, no matter how hard you try.
Everything was still so perfect and all you see in each other was how much they loved you, and how much you love them. you could care less about your surroundings.

You may wonder with all the flaws u see in your other half, is it worth holding on?
Yet, you still wont let go because you remember how he/she once embrace you..

You might feel that is tough sometimes, to hard to hold on, why dun u just let it go, anyway there might be tons of better ones out there.
Yet again, u recall how he/she notice something that you yourself do not even bother off caring and felt so warm deep inside.

Now, when things get really hard between both of you, and it seems like the only solution is giving up on each other. can you let go??
You try real hard erasing the images in your memories. Yet the harder you try you rub it away, the harder you will cry.. it feels worse than the end of the world..Its so pain that even how loud you scream its still never loud enough, as though even the stars are still shining so bright, but all you see is nothing in front of you..

Hold on to things you treasure. Do not let your fears and reality take you down so easily.
you must have

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