Saturday, April 24, 2010

Second Sweet Dream!!

yesterday after the long long party,
was so tired then slept immediately after i lay on my bed.

i only remember 2parts of my dream.
well, one was with peatree in it,
she had a new touch screen phone!!
haha(so she wish, kekeke)..

the other was me and a guy walking back home.
on the way back to my hse,
thr were this beautiful trees along the path way.
then we were walking and playing on the way.

while playing, suddenly thr were fire works in the sky,
those fire works were not those normal fire works,
it was very special fire works,
hard to describe how it looks like.
then we were standin,
my back faced him, and his arms was around my waist.
it was so warm and cuddly.
felt so protected, happy and "xin fu"...

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