Saturday, November 6, 2010

far & near

you never thought it was possible,
yet at times it seems so near;
you feel its presence,
but you cant grab hold to it...

through the mist, you see a shadow wondering near you,
but when you try to find it, its gone,
yet you never stop wondering whether was it really thr,
or were you just too imaginative,
as time goes by, with all this reoccuring around you,

you hesitated, wonder was it ever worth to duel on it,
things that always seem so blur;
you tried to give up, feel ur head with other thoughts,
but when you're alone, these thoughts starts lurking in ur mind again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

muahahahahaha, OVER

maths is over,OVER
no more maths for me,
i feel so happy rite now,
gonna trough all my maths stuff away..
SRY to all my teacher for letting you down always,
since form 4.. :(
Pn Azizah (F4&F5), Mrs Chua (tuition), Mr Tharam(college)
and no more,
wont ever wanna take maths subject again,
although its intereting, but im a stone,
and stone heads cant turn :p