Friday, September 25, 2009

Disappointing CLASS MATES i have

now is 4 in the morning.. I cant sleep!!!Very frus now..
Thinking of my class trip.. wat's the point of me working my head out helping my class organizing the stupid class trip when all my self fish class mates dont even give a bloody damn about it!!!!!!!!!!!!This does not apply to all of course..
Me n Fidella helping u guys plan tis class trip, WASTING all our time money calling n sending msg to u guys n is not like v get any privallage for being the host, but u guys r so so darn UNCOOPERATIVE..
I know is exam time, I can understand, but it is also exam time for me. dun u think u all r super super SELF FISH n CRUEL.. only thinking about ur self n leaving me here all alone!!!!!!!!
This class trip is not oni for me, dont u get it?? is for all of us..
there r some ppl tat i am very very very disappointed it.. all they do is just TALK BIG, talking their ass of, but when it comes to the real thingm they juz slip away like it never happened before. COME ON LA!!!! I tot v were class mates for 2 years, 2 YEARS u know.,,
now i know wat kind of friendship turns out after 2 missarable years..
How STUPID I feel for actually believing in u all so much...
I finally realize tat who r my true friends..
Its a waste of my TEARS if I cry over tis kind of friendship.
If u guys still dun cooperate wit me,dun blame me for throwing me temper at u all, u deserve it fairly for treating me like tat.. I may just even cancel tis whole trip without telling u.. and i wont feel a single giult in me because I've already did all I can but u guys take advantage out of me, trying, dont try to play games on me, I promise if i had enough of u one day, I'll just give it all back to u in silence n u may not even know wat hit u.
dun blame me for being cruel, is ur fault..
This is wat u get if u try to test me temper!!!

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