Saturday, February 27, 2010

looking through all my photos, ive realise!!!
although i miss my high skool frenz alot,
but now in my college life,
i oso made new frenz!!
without having to seperate from them,
i would not realise those days how much they meant to me...
walking through out side those classes..
seeing n spying all my frens during class was so much fun!!!
running fron class to class when teacher are not around,
hiding away from those discipline teacher,
those days will never come back again!!
tat day i met a discipline teacher outside in a coffe shop!!
i am no longer scared of her,
amd no longer need to hide from her,
cause i know,
im not under her conrtol anymore..
she is no longer responsible for wat i do!!
i've grow up!!!
too all those who are still in high school,
treasure ur moments with ur frens thr,
not long later u will know tat u r gonna be apart!!

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