Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moon Cake Festival

So sad, I dint play wit tang long tis year...T_T...
but it was not bad too la..
Me n my sister played candles out side the hse
at first v look kinda sesat,
2 girl sitting on the road side, putting the candles on the road.
then v saw a car pass by n the person inside was waving at us.
Then v thought who was tat WEIRDO..
v say our neighbour ,
a little gal in the hse playing too.
they were like so unfriendly,
we wanted to say Hi
but they never looked our way...
after tat, tat little girl ask her mum damn loud
she think we were some small girl like her..
damn fuuny, hard to discribe it..
later on,
my sis drove out n take us to MAC for ice-cream
then me n my bro belanja..

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