Monday, October 12, 2009

story of a BULL DOG

once i tot v were good frenz
i told it everything
i trusted it..
but as times goes by
i realize it treated me diff from other
i realize it comes to me when i was needed
but when i was not important
i was juz forgotten...
although sometimes it still cares for me a little
but compare to others
i realize my importance to her was juz like dust
till one day,
i finally had a little quarrel
n did not talk to it again
now only i dun look so transparent to it
although it still cant figure out wat had it done
to leave angry here so long,
but i will never tell it
till the day it figure it out it self
maybe i'll forgive it
but i think tat day will never come
so i my as well juz forget it
im sure i can find better n more loyal dogs out there

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