Thursday, January 7, 2010


what a unforgettable experience!!!
we started journey at 3.30a.m.++
then 1hr or more reach there!!!
climb up like not so hard la, but go down damn scary!!
cause it was muddy...
walao, first time go there then heavy rain!!!
damn cold lo at the top..
got so much mist, lucky got hot tea, if not can freeze wei!!!
no umbrella n rain coat, sit down there under the rain for almost 2 hrs oso got,
at the top 1st peek of the mountain,
freezing man, all soak n wet, n the wind so strong!!!
lucky there got other ppl,
if not oni 4 of us damn scary lo, so dark n coooooold!!!
i think 5 something only rain stop!!!
n we dint get to see sun rise!!!
must go again someday!!!
next time go wat oso bring!!!
dun wanna have same experience like tis time anymore!!!
will not give up till i get to see the sun rise!!

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