Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flash Back!!!

today after school, damn gek account,
dont even know what i was doing in exam!!
then at bus stop while talking to my frenz,
i saw something horrible!!
I saw a little white kitten ran over by cars,
it vomit blood all over,
white fur turn all red!!!
it happen in a split second,
the poor helpless kitten, gone!!
and all i did was just stand there doing nothing!!
i feel so bad,
it was just like that saturday morning,
i dont think i would ever forget it.
my dog Coco...
gone too, and i wasn't by its side for the last few moments,
i thought it was ok, untill i came back from school activities..
i could never see it again..
at that time i was so helpless too...
its was always there for me when i was sad,
i would share my things with it,
and yet at its last moments i wasn't there for it!!
What a bad owner am I!!!

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