Wednesday, December 16, 2009


well, i tot it was pretty fun n everyone looked gorgeous!!!
i really had fun going crazy with my frenz,
n d dancing part was nice too!!!
pulling together all my frenz together, & dancing was fun!!!
although if u dunno how to dance, SO WHAT,
nobody cares much too.
Dancing was the best part of prom(for me),
although the feet really really hurt when jumping heels,
but wat is prom without dancing??
Its was really a wonderfull ending for my high school life,
but its wasn't tat perfect.
although i aldi knew it would end up this way,
but i was still hoping,
hoping maybe i got a chance.
And now i know im giving my self false hope.
because after high school,
the chances of me getting XX is like less then 8%.
so screw it la,
its was just a small chapter in my life,
although i may not forget the feeling that i couldn't get it
n it some how hurts in a way,
but i will still have to move on..
maybe someday
i will get something better then wat i wanted so badly now!!
that is why it was not a perfect ending for me,
but its ok, I GUESS,
at least i really had great great memorise with all my good frenz
& new frenz that I've made last two years..
Leaving all my frenz behind now kinda hard for me,
as i really did love them so much.

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  1. hey!!! jeng mey!! i wanna see your prom pic!!! XDD