Saturday, June 19, 2010


why ask me??
why not other frenz of urs??
why do you take the trouble to come all the way to my house when you are already there,
just to pick me up and help you choose a few shirts..
why isit when you need company,
you will not hesitate to ask me??
dont you know how i feel about you,
but i cant read your thoughts!!!
why when ur fren missunderstand that you come out pak toh wit me,
you did not deny??
or are all guys like that???
why do you want me to give you opinion whether it was nice or not?
why do you need me to wait out side the dressing room for you??
why when i offer to help you fold ur sleeves,
you did not refuse my offer??
why dint you say that you could do it ur self ??
why must you tell me that the first person you think of is me,
when you wanted to go shopping??
why do you buy the tie i choose for you??
but usually we do not have much to talk about.
and dun see each other often too..
can some one pls tell me what deos this mean!!!

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