Saturday, June 19, 2010

trip to china.

well, just came back from trip, which was really tiring, but fun, made lots of new frenz during the trip, they were all so nice, friendly and funny people.. there were 16 of us oni, it was a small tour group, so everybody had a chance to interact with each other.. talking to all those jie jie and ko ko was really nice, they were really cute..

first day arrive at Hang Zhou, it was really nice and kinna roomantic. the enviroment thr was really nice as the goverment of china control the polution at that area.. they have a saying that 上有天堂, 下有苏杭. the scenery thr was really nice, lots of couple just sit beside the lake and pak toh there. then later we went to Su Zhou. we went to the silk factory, do you know that silk is wat we use to make bullet prove shirt? damn cool.. we tried to poke through ten layers or strech out silk and couldn't penetrate it. according to the tour guide there, if you put a piece of silk under ur bed, you wont get "feng sap" , you can try that out for ur self.. silk is know to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer, and then more sceneries.

then later that, we went to the jed place. 玉碎,人平安,they say jed can protect us. 3 things to see whether the jed is real, use the jed and scratch the glass, and the jed its still fine, 2nd listen to the sound whether its 青翠or not, lastly see the jed whether is clear 清澈 under the ligth.

and so on so on la... dint really had much time for shopping, and the things there ain't that cheap as you think. do you know the Bata shoes there is selling for like 300-500 RMB which is like RM150 -250 here. a small advise,never go shopping at shopping complex, its like super expensive.. if you wanna shop, go to those places where you get to bargain, it so much cheaper.. you can bargain like 70% the price they offer you. if not just walk away, and some may come after you to sell the things to you..

still got lots of things, but lazy write d.. next time la, if i ever remember...

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